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Savage Original Ink (Signed) Charity Auction for Barnardo's

Charlie Adlard


This framed original illustration was produced by Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard for Vice Press' officially licensed 2000 AD gallery show, ZARJAZ! An Art Tribute To 40 Year's of 2000 AD. Savage by Pat Mills and Charlie Adlard was the 2004 sequel series Invasion! created by Pat Mills and mostly written by Gerry Finley-Day that appeared in the first 51 editions of 2000 AD.

The series introduced the character of Bill Savage, a classic anti-authoritarian character of the type which Mills is best known for.

Artist: Charlie Adlard

Inked Page Size: A3

Details: Framed original signed ink drawing by Charlie Adlard. Please note, due to the nature of the pieces they may have slight wearing to the edges.

All proceeds donated to Barnardo's Children's Charity.


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