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We aim to ship all in stock items in 10 working days, however pre-order items will vary from item to item.

Information on when pre-order items will ship can be found on the product listing information or by checking out the Pre-order Shipping Dates page. You can find more information on shipping on our Shipping Policy page, too.

First, don't worry! While we pack all of our items in robust packaging, sometimes damages to occur. It is very rare, and we wish we could completely stop it but once an item leaves us, it is in the hands of the postage gods. We will reply within 3 working days telling you what you need to do. 

Hopefully your question can be answered above or by following one of the links included. If not, we will aim to get back to you within 3 working days.

This is completely normal and can say this for several days. We do not have mail collected every day and often it can take a day or two from when we packed your order for it to be collected and scanned. If it is still saying this after 5 working days, please let us know and we can investigate. 

Sometimes, especially with DVDs, clothing and pin badges, we send these packed seperately to posters. (Can you imagine trying to squeeze a DVD into a poster tube?). This means that quite often, orders arrive seperately. Sometimes by up to several days. First, check your tracking number which can be found in your shipping confirmation email. This should give you an estimate of when it will arrived. If you still haven't recieved your full order within 5 working days of the original part of the order, let us know and we can investigate.

Shipping timescales vary from destination to destination. These can all be found on ourShipping Policy HERE.All of our items are shipped from the UK and as a rule of thumb, UK orders can take up to 5 working days and international items up to 30 working days with Standard Tracked services, and 5 - 10 working days with either DHL or UPS. The most common hold up is customs. It can take the majority of that time to clear customs. However, if your order has taken longer than the above, please let us know and we will investigate.

Yes! Everything we sell on Vice Press is licensed with studio or rights holders. We pay a license feee on everything we sell and work with the licensor to develop all of our releases. We include the legal line on each of our products and often in the product description.

We are located in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Part of what makes our releases special is that they are limited edition. Once a release has sold out, we will not re-print or re-stock it. On very rare occasions we may have a small number of cancellations. In this instance, we will put them back in stock and send out an email to our newsletter subscribers and put out a social media announcement.

While we would love to have a gallery or retail space, our current location is a boring warehouse unit on an industrial estate. We are working towards allowing local pick up very soon but for the time being, everything is shipped.

We do! You can see all of our shipping options, rates and destinations on our Shipping Policy.

We aim to ship all in stock items within 10 working days. If your order contains a pre-order item ,you can find an estimated timeframe in the product description. You can see all estimated pre-order shipping dates HERE.

We offer a number of different shipping methods. These can be found in our Shipping Policy. Once dispatched, UK orders usually take 2 - 5 working days, while international orders will take up to 5 working days with DHL and UPS and 30 working days with Royal Mail.

Some of our products are made to order and cannot be canceled once it has been placed. Releases from January 2021 will include this information in the product description. However if you get your item and you feel it isn’t as described, please get in touch with us, including your order number, using our Contact Form. You can see full details in our Refund Policy.

You will only find Vice Press products on our dedicated website and a small number of partners. This includes Bottleneck Gallery, HMV, Sideshow Collectibles and the Gromit Unleashed shop.

If you have seen a product featuring our artwork on other other store, it is most certainly a counterfeit reproduction. We do not sublicense our artwork in any way. We are constantly fighting sellers that reproduce our work and encourage customers to please report this to us using our Contact Form as well as to the website selling the item.

Vice Press is a very small, independent business. We work directly with licensors to produce high quality artwork and all the artists we work with are paid a royalty on sales. Sales from counterfeit reproductions go direct to the scammers and takes hard earned royalties away from artists as well as the creators of the films, tv shows, comics and other properties we work on. It also makes it much harder to work on licensed products. As a customer you are also going to end up with a far inferior product that may end up just being a waste of money.

You can only buy official Vice Press products from Vice Press, along with our partners mentioned above. If you see anything for sale elsewhere, chances are it is a counterfeit reproduction.

Our Editions range always feature a stamp of authenticity on the reverse and all other items released from January 2021 feature a holographic sticker on the reverse. If the item being sold doesn’t have a holographic sticker and was released after then, it isn’t official.

From time to time you may see someone selling their posters on sites such as eBay. Always make sure to check that the size, print method and other description matches that on our website and if in doubt, contact us using our Contact Form.

Chances are you have seen posters for sale on websites at conventions and in stores much cheaper than the posters and prints we sell. We use a combination of screen printing, giclee and fine art lithograph printing to produce our posters and art prints as we want the artwork and designs on our releases to be the absolute best it can be. 

We then ship everything in custom packaging making sure it arrives in the best condition possible. 

All of our items are limited edition in some way. Either numbered, limited releases, timed editions or our open edition range cleverly titled Editions! Our numbered, limited releases and timed editions are limited by quantity and quantity bought within a set time frame, respectively. Editions are limited by a longer timeframe.

Our releases are generally produced using two types of printing, screen print and lithograph. Screen printing is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto paper, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. Lithograph printing is a method of printing in which the images is etched onto metal plates which are then coated in ink and transfer the image to the paper. Both methods require specialist printers.

We work with both established and new artists from all over the world to produce new artwork, specifically for Vice Press. All artists are paid directly by ourselves.

Occasionally we may work with a licensor or artist to reproduce a piece of artwork that has been available in some format in the past. This is usually re-releases of original or unused movie poster artwork from a movie’s theatrical release. 

Due to the nature of how our system works, payment is taken as soon as the order is placed. So payment is taken straight away.




  • 100% Officially Licensed

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